Freak The Beat at Threader!!!

Beat Freaks on Threader

Finally!  Beat Freaks shirts are available for purchase online!!!  Go to and click on ‘Shop’ to find Men’s and Women’s Freak The Beat tees.

Update>  Hip Hop Press writes:

“The Beat Freaks are a great addition to the growing Threader family. These inspirational and talented ladies combine all styles of hip hop dance and are one of the few crews to have earned mainstream recognition. Now with distribution through the Threader urban clothing marketplace, their fans have a central destination to buy their merchandise,” remarked Luam, co-founder of Wildchild Nation.

Freak The Beat Shirts Threader

4 Responses to “Freak The Beat at Threader!!!”
  1. [: says:

    i want one soo badly…
    im beat freaks numebr one fan!!

    • justin hard says:

      im buying some!!
      lol i beat freak-fied my cell fone by making my own custom cell fone plate 2 rep beat freaks.
      lol even tho its a bunch of tape and paper. i made it look professional!

  2. xl86ohs27xi says:

    Hi everyone,
    Very good to foregather u in this area of study
    My legitimate name is Truong ^^

    Sharing is indelicate, right?

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