Giveaway: Tatoot Backpack

[Photo by Michael Bezjian]

Photo by Michael Bezjian

UPDATE: THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER.  Congrats to Meriam (comment #20) and Naomie (comment #6) for winning the Tatoot bag giveaway!  Thanks to all those who participated.  And thanks to Tatoot and the Beat Freaks for the bags!

Enter to win a Tatoot Bag!  Here are the details:

    For your first entry, leave a comment telling us: What is your favorite online video of the Beat Freaks and why? Leave a link to the video in your comment.  [At least one member of the Beat Freaks has to be in the video.]
  • Extra Entries: Follow @FreaktheFashion on Twitter and tweet this giveaway.  Up to 1 tweet per day. Please leave an additional comment for each tweet.  **It must be a separate comment so that you have an extra entry.**  Leave the permalink to your tweet in your comment.
  • Be sure to leave your email in the comments form so we can contact you if you are chosen.  Your email will not be shared with third parties.
  • US and Canadian addresses only.
  • Two (2) winners will be chosen at random (via to receive a Tatoot bag
  • Contest starts: Now
  • Contest ends: September 9th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST
  • Winners will be announced September 10th on this post and on Twitter @FreaktheFashion
  • Good luck!  If you don’t win, you can still purchase a Tatoot bag here.

    Tatoot Bags

    58 Responses to “Giveaway: Tatoot Backpack”
    1. chelsea allee says:

      fffeeeerrrr sssuuurrreee!!!!

      i love you beat freaks!!

    2. Mia S. says:

      I HAVE TOO MANY BEAT FREAKS YOUTUBE VIDEO FAVORITES!! I would choose the Dirty Water Cooler video but I can’t find the link so instead my second favorite would have to be their House of Blues rehearsal!! They are WAAAAAAY too funny!!

    3. cacheteslv says:

      There is way too many Beat Freak videos that i love but if i had to choose one it would be:

      because it shows how down to earth the Beat Freaks are and how they are just like any other person. It is also extremely hilarious!! 🙂

    4. BeetFreeks says:

      I love Rino & Maryss Guess Who’s Back video. I’ve watched this so many times. I love their choreography and the way they dance.

    5. Naomie says:

      This one because I think Rino and Maryss are way too funny ;D There are so many good video of them ! I love youuuu beat freakss !!!!!!!!!!!

    6. [: says:

      It’s Beat Freaks encore performance at She Cares Basketball Event

      I never get tired of watching it.

      And I’ve been able to memorize this performance.
      As in, I can do it! It’s such a good feeling!
      I do EVERYTHING that Rino can do in the performance, from ‘no one in the corner has swagga like us’ to ‘Freak the Dream’
      It’s too bad I can’t do a kip up like lindsey, or break dance like jules, or lock like Keeley.

    7. Kristen Lee says:

      My favorite video of the Beat Freaks is the Bad Dancing one, because it’s hilarious and shows that they are not afraid to be themselves.

    8. Kristen Lee says:

      I also tweeted this giveaway =)

    9. All the videos of the Beat Freaks are my favorite. But if I have to choose I think the one I would choose would be. Beat Freaks @ Jimmy Fallon. I set my DVR for the that performance. I knew they were going to have a sick performance. And this video shows how much the girls have grown since ABDC. God has a purpose for them and I think its to spread the word about Freak the Dream. And to get the message out. For everyone it touches and for that person to Freak their dream. Thanks again. Love the Beat Freaks.

      Kristie Rodriguez

    10. Erica says:

      There are a lot of Beat Freaks videos that could be considered my favorite…. It was too hard to choose but I was able to narrow it down to 2…The video that I love is the video that the Beat Freaks did about Freak the Dream…. I can’t forget about this video because it is the video that inspires me to keep following my dreams…. Every time that I feel discouraged and just want to give up on my dream, the first thing that I do is I watch this video…. After all the struggles of life, this video keeps me going so that I can accomplish my dreams…

      I also really love the video of the Beat Freaks doing the dance workshop for Invisible Children because not only was it for a good cause but it was a very entertaining routine and you could tell that they were having fun… It was really nice to see that you can be helpful to other people while still doing something that you are passionate about.. In general it is really inspiring to see…. ^_^

    11. vicky says:

      AHHH thats a hard one! but mine would have to be this one!

      because Lindsey cracked me up when she did the robot malfunctioning . hahahaha!! HILARIOUSS!!!

    12. Kendra says:

      My favorite video out of the many wonderful dances the Beat Freaks have done would have to be Shorty’s teaching a class to the song of “Forever”. The dance is mad sick and it’s truly original. I started teaching the dance to myself, even though I’m not great at it. It’s my favorite song to dance to all the time!

    13. Justin Hard says:

      Really I think that every fan of beat freaks has SO MANY favorite videos, but for sure this video is a GREAT role model video for everywhere most likely, and still comedic.

      THis video demonstartes not only the beat freaks being role models but also how they all have respect for each other and everyone. This Q&A really helps me not want to go and do drugs and go and do drinks with people just to “fit in”. Like even thou my brothers and cousins did it growing up im just not like that. Well not drugs, but they did drink. [Thanks to Lindsey]
      And when Teresa was explaining that WHATEVER yoru dream is GO FOR IT, and that your the only obstacle in your life. Over the past year, really only past 6 months, ive been dancing almost every day. Ive gotten so much better compared to how i was SO SCARED. i did performances before and compared to when i wouldnt of done it before, after my inspiration of beat freaks came around I started to really have a better life, and went for my dreams. Because as a kid I ALWAYS loved dancing, but thought, oo its too late and that everyone else is high experience. But I’ve been training myself more over , watching videos, learning choreography, and watchin beat freaks mostly and its helped me wiht all my dancing! (bboy, hiphop, locking, popping, jerking).
      Lady Jules really touches that, be who you are and dont change for others. But mostly while rewatching this video as of NOW, i never realized before, but she didnt start her dancing until she was 21, which really makes me even more happier about my hopeful dancing passion. If she can start at that age and be a one of the BEST dancers in the world, there might still be hope for me.
      Lock’ n Key, when she gave her speech about being healthy overall really helps me to stay fit.
      OVerall, they all really show something special that can help me in life and everyone in life, and hopefully by following my dream and being true 2 myself i’ll be able to really life my life, and not be sheltered in a cage.

      Also, they all ahve such WONDERFUL personailties, always happy , and always trying to make a laugh.

    14. Katie says:

      Too many to choose from, but def one of my favorites right now is this…

      Makes me laugh!

      Much Love!

    15. Nikole says:

      One of my favorite videos is

      It shows that the beat freaks are people who like to have fun and it shows what they do when they are really bored, haha

    16. Naomie says:

      I tweeted this giveaway ;D

    17. Meriam says:

      The Beat Freaks’ Invisible Children workshop because I went to it and I had lots of fun. It was on of my favorite days. I got to meet the Beat Freaks and talk to them. They are really really nice and funny. After the dance, we watched the Invisible Children documentary and it was very touching and it is nice and inspiring how the Beat Freaks bring awareness to such things.

      tweet about this giveaway:

    18. Giuliana says:

      I LOVE THIS!!!

      This video shows that they like to have fun… but also work!! I love this video, every time i see this it brings a smile to my face.

    19. Sam.S says:

      My fave Beat Freaks video was a hard choice, but is definitely Amigo Animals. I love Maryss and Rino and their pajamas make me laugh everytime I see the video!!!

    20. i have wayyyy too many to chose from this is def. at the top..

    21. Carolyn Barnett says:

      What a unique group.Thanks for the chance.The video i chose is located here.
      They are fantastic.

    22. Carolyn Barnett says:

      I follow on twitter as carolynishis and i tweeted this giveaway.

    23. ESS JAYY.(: says:

      My favorite Beat Freak video:

      This is the Illusion Week Challenge. This is my favorite video because the Beat Freaks can express/ dance without having to expose their bodies.

      I give respect to them because they use skill to get people’s attention, and not by stripping their clothes off. I hate watching girls stripping their clothes while performing to get people’s attentions.

      This video shows what dancing really means to them. Skill.

      • ESS JAYY.(: says:

        Just like Teresa said, a whole new generation of women. 😉

        This is why they inspire so many girls. You don’t have to take your clothes of while dancing. You don’t have to over expose your body for sexual appeal. It’s the skill that matters.

    24. Frankie says:

      pretty sure this video is my favorite

      i love that one because it shows they are soo chill with their fans and get a long.. soo down to earth and normal people like everyone else 🙂

    25. rae rae says:

      this one is my favorite because i love lindseys malfunctioining robot

    26. rachel says:

      i love this one because it jsut shows the beat freaks having fun and its hilarious to see what they do when they practice

    27. jeanmarie says:

      this video of the beat freaks is hilarious and i laugh everytime i see it- lindsey is sooo funny

    28. ava says:

      hahahah- maryss singing opera and her and rino attemting to harmonize
      i laugh everytime!

    29. raerae says:


    30. Kristen Lee says:

      tweeted =)

    31. shel says:

      My favorite:

      Quite a difference from the usual outfits they normally wear. I was shocked to see some skin!
      I’d actually never heard of the Beat Freaks until my teenage daughter became I’m a fan as well. If I was 20 years younger maybe I could dance like I’d probably just give myself an injury. I can see why my daughter adores them and she’d kill me if I tell you this, but I catch her watching YouTube and dancing along in her room to the Beat Freaks’ videos. I’m sure her father would prefer she dons the baggy Beat Freaks attire during her dance routines, though.

    32. shel says:


    33. Val says:

      My favourites are the one they fool around and have the most simple fun out of nothing like the rehearsals they did!!!
      But I will share the video I first met them! and totally mesmeraized by them!!!

    34. Kristen Lee says:

      tweet =)

    35. shel says:

      9/3 RT

    36. Abbi says:

      ooh this is so hard, there are so many to choose from. I gonna have to say I really love this vid of Maryss dancing to Wall to Wall with Bshaw and Chozin because it shows that she can just kick it with the guys without taking off her clothes and shaking her ass.

    37. Anonymous says:

      This is one of my favorite videos./
      because beat freaks + micheal jackson is just too amazing!

    38. Justine says:

      I tweeted this if i read the rules rite i can enter heres another fav. i like this one b/c it shows how talented maryss is an she hit just as hard if not harder than the guys!!!


      I choose a video I made

      Find more videos like this on Beat Freaks Fans

      I believe this video truly show how powerful and inspirational the Beat Freaks are and for what they stand for and anyone who would see the video would be remembering the name of Beat Freaks.

    40. shel says:

      9/4 RT

    41. ESS JAYY.(: says:

      I think Season 3 should have had 2 winners. Both crew deserved to win.
      Beat Freaks are my favorite Crew from ALL 4 seasons !
      Go Beaat Freaks.

    42. shel says:

      9/5 RT

    43. shel says:

      9/7 RT

    44. shel says:

      9/8 RT

    45. rach says:

      i like this one because jules shows up all the guys

    46. shel says:

      9/9 RT

    47. Mayra D says:

      Oh c’mon this isn’t really fair… I mean just one video!?!?!? =D
      Ok, so between beat freaks ABDC compilation and this one (hmm, I’d probably watched the last one more).. it’s gotta be “lindsey and shorty at BZ Community Class”, not just because it’s a great choreo, I mean sick… at the end they look like they’re really just havin’ fun… I love that about the Beat Freaks!!!!!

    48. ayer says:

      my favorite video….

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