Get Into The Groovaloo

For anyone on the East Coast (or within driving distance to NYC), I highly recommend that you go see Groovaloo.  You will be amazed and inspired and leave the show knowing that you have seen the best collection of hip hop dancers of our time, the award-winning Groovaloos.  You may have seen them on television earlier this year, winning the title of NBC’s Superstars of Dance.  Personally, I fell in love with the group when they performed on So You Think You Can Dance a few years back.  Now the Los Angeles-based “hip hop sensation” has arrived on stage and is touring the US.  Next stop, Joyce Theater in NYC September 15th-27th.

I feel privileged to have seen this awesome display of talent last month at the El Portal Theater in Los Angeles.  The show was created by Bradley “Shooz” Rapier and Danny Cistone and there were so many amazing moments.  I found myself reaching for the remote control to rewind only to realize I would not have that luxury.  And there is definitely an added benefit to watching dancing live that cannot be appreciated when watching on television.  The resolution isn’t high enough and the frames per second aren’t fast enough on screen to translate the pinpoint precision of the ticks to the beat and the palpable energy experienced during a live show.

Beat Freaks in Groovaloo

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should watch Groovaloo (I won’t go into too much detail so I don’t ruin the experience for anyone):

1. Of course, watching members of the Beat Freaks display their individual talents alone is worth watching Groovaloo.  The dancing from Lockn’Key, Lady Jules, Teresa ‘Ragdoll’ Espinosa, and LindseyB Outthere definitely had a more personal feel than I’m used to seeing from the Beat Freaks, as they shared their stories of struggle and portrayed their endless amount of passion through dance.  I also finally had a chance to learn more about Al*Star, played effortlessly by Marissa Labog.

2. The display of talent is unmatched.   Never have I seen such a talented collection of all-star hip hop dancers in person until I witnessed Groovaloo.   Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos plays the part of Poe-One.   I know the word “beautiful” is not usually used in conjunction with breakdancing but it applies perfectly here.   Cloud’s movement is flowing, lighter-than-air, and utterly unique.   Bboy Luigi stepped in for Kid Rainen’s story displaying an impressive arsenal of moves topped only by his musicality.  Not to mention JRock’s unreal poppin, Flipz’s powerful spinning, and Steelo’s clever breakin.  For me, Shooz’s dancing had a wise confidence that carried the heart and soul of the group.


3. If the dancing isn’t enough of a reason to see this show, there is plenty of other diverse creative energy present.   Keeley shows off her heavenly and powerful voice.   Vzion’s spoken word is rhythmic and enlightening.  There are moments of comedy that had me laughing out loud (I could also hear Rino’s distinguishable laugh in the audience).  The music would make anyone want to get up and dance but it gave the Groovaloo cast ample material to work with culiminating in an energetic and passion-filled freestyling circle finale.

4. If I had to pick a favorite act, it would have to be LindseyB’s robot section.  The quick choreography and precision of movement made it easily one of the best dance pieces I’ve ever seen in person or on television.   I won’t say anymore.  You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

5. What makes this show truly exceptional are the individual stories.   Each dancer has their own personal tale of struggle and enlightenment, failure and success shared with the audience through a monologue audio track, music and dance.  Everyone, dancer and also the uncoordinated, can relate to these truly inspirational stories and experiences, ranging from disapproving parents and battling inner demons to searching for your true calling and finding a family among those who share the same passion.  The most emotional piece for me was the story of Steven “BoogieMan” Stanton who was caught in crossfire taking a gunshot to his lower back, and told by doctors that he may never walk again.   But apparently it takes more than a stray bullet to the spine to keep a dancer from dancing.  The true essence of the Groovaloo tagline is brought to fruition with Boogieman’s tale of overcoming personal adversity: “Life isn’t always choreographed, sometimes you have to freestyle.”

So if I haven’t convinced you by now that Groovaloo is a must-see show, then go watch it for yourself. Guaranteed you will find something that will change how you freestyle through life.

Groovaloo post

One Response to “Get Into The Groovaloo”
  1. ayer says:

    where’s the fashion!? i kno this is important, but, u should post something like those customized shirtts that one twit person has created.

    even the beat freaks noticed them!

    Everyone but Teresa and lindsey :

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