Hellz Fall 2009 Delivery 2: Midnight Riders

Hellz Bellz jacket

I’m so in love with the Hellz Fall 2009 Delivery II “Midnight Riders” Collection.  Nitro:licious calls it Lanie’s best work to date and I have to agree that it’s the jackets that I love so much about Hellz Bellz.  I may be biased, but my favorite is the “Rock It” jacket that the Beat Freaks wore in the epic Jimmy Fallon performance.

By utilizing dark themes found in the iconic 80’s flick ‘Mad Max’, ‘Midnight Riders’ aims to represent the ideology of the subversive in not only fact and fiction, but fashion as well… Clever silhouettes, unique details, and the use of simple colors to emphasize form and function while creating a true display of female strength, sensuality and independence that is: ‘Midnight Riders.’

You have to check out the full collection here.  Channeling my inner Rachel Zoe: I die!  ‘Midnight Riders’ is BA-NA-NAS!

Jimmy Fallon Beat Freaks Hellz Bellz

[Top Photo by Brooke Nipar]


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