More Beat Freaks Upcoming Events

Congrats to We Are Heroes for winning the title of Season 4 ABDC!  I had to post this video of Rino and Maryss at the finale because it’s hilarious.  Every girl needs a friend like Rino to filter out the bad guys.  I couldn’t help but notice their shirts.  Here’s a photo I found from Rocketfuel’s Weblog for a better look:

Rino Beat Freaks Shirt

The Beat Freaks have been so busy with their individual projects and Groovaloo, I was worried for a while that we weren’t going to see much of the Beat Freaks together as a crew in the upcoming months.  I was excited to see lots of new information coming in from Pacific Rim videos, Twitter, and an updated Beat Freaks events page.  Here is what we’ve put together.

  • October 10th: Private Party in NYC.  (A mystery event… Very interesting.)
  • October 13th: Fox Really Awards 2009 hosted by Vivica A. Fox.  In this Pacific Rim video, Maryss says they were nominated for the “Really Totally Got Robbed” category.  The Beat Freaks totally deserve it but I’m predicting they might find some tough competition with American Idol’s Adam Lambert.
  • October 24th: Dixie Canyon Pumpkin Fair in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Performances by the Beat Freaks, Jabbawockeez and Quest Crew (see flyer below).
  • December: in Jamaica with Super Cr3w (Maryss talks about it in this Pacific Rim video)
  • Tweets from Maryss and Jules reveals the Beat Freaks booked the movie “Freak Dance” a musical comedy based on the popular live show “Freak Dance: The Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo” produced by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade.  Click on the link for the casting call and the trailer for the live show.


If we’re missing anything, please share with us in the comments or email us at  Also, check the Beat Freaks Google Map, which I try to keep updated with links to videos for past events and information for upcoming events.

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