Video: the Beat Freaks x FTF

Since the end of March, FTF has had the pleasure of covering the Beat Freaks’ style from head to toe.  We would like to take this moment to appreciate all of those who helped us get started.

Thank you to the Beat Freaks for giving us ample material and even more inspiration.  Thanks to the Beat Freaks management team for supporting and encouraging FTF.  Thank you to all the BFFs for the wonderful comments and positive feedback.  And a special thanks to @colione for being the first to get behind FTF (he is @FreaktheFashion’s first Twitter follower) and give us the boost we needed to get started. [That’s the closest I’ll ever come to an acceptance speech.]

To commemorate Freak The Fashion’s 6-month anniversary, we are proud to present the Beat Freaks x FTF, courtesy of @RhodaBoat.

We were so excited when Rhoda offered to put together this video.  We have been a huge fan of RhodaBoat’s videos and this one is no exception.

The Beat Freaks have definitely made a strong impact on her.

I love the message that they’re giving out and I just want to help spread that message through my line of art. They’ve inspired me and by doing what I love & continuing my passion I’m at the least compensating for their inspiration.

If you haven’t seen RhodaBoat’s other videos, view the following:

Thank you @RhodaBoat!  Freak your dream!


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