Be A Beat Freak…for Halloween

Anyone planning on being a Beat Freak for Halloween? Grab some friends and create your own Beat Freaks crew. Here are some ideas complete with checklists:

-General Beat Freaks crew: Nike Windrunner, Nike kicks, black pants, Girlfitti cap, 5&A Dime Freak the Beat shirt

Warner Bros BF

-Hot and Cold: Black bob wig, Robo Sunglasses, metallic puffy vest, white pants, Nikes, and a black baseball bat

BF Hot n cold

-Womanizer: Purple corset, black and white zebra print blouse, black skirt, black fedora, black heels, and librarian glasses

Rino Womanizer

Freeze: LA Dodgers baseball cap, blue satin baseball jacket, white pants, blue bandana, silver magic floating SPHERE (notice I said ‘sphere’… if you haven’t seen the ABDC week 5 bloopers yet, you HAVE TO watch it here)

BF Freeze

-Beat Freaks Jimmy Fallon performance: Green blinking LED sunglasses, Rock It Hellz Bellz Jacket, Nike batting glove outlined in green glow necklaces, Nike Vandal High in silver


-Amigo Animals: Kigurumi pajamas

amigo animals 1

-The Michael Jackson official store is selling MJ costumes, although I’m sure you can find cheaper versions online.

Michael Jackson Halloween costume-Boombox: Make your own costume and be a boombox.  Hook up your iPod and play your favorite tunes.


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