Beat Freaks Upcoming Performance: What to Expect…

BF in NY 2

BF in NY

The Beat Freaks are bi-coastal.  This morning they traveled over to New York AGAIN. We are so excited for their NEW performance this Saturday at a “Private Party.” Here is some exclusive information about the event (You’re going to love this!):

-The Beat Freaks will be performing at Lil Mama’s 21st Birthday Bash in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 10th (see flyer below).

-The Beat Freaks will be performing together as a group again! But it won’t be all of them. LindseyB, Shorty, Keeley, Maryss, and Rino will be dancing. We know from Twitter that Jules is in London promoting Bgirl Movie and Teresa is in Canada becoming a movie star herself.

-They will have TWO performances. The first is a newer version of the 5 minute BF routine we love so much. This one will feature a new Lil Mama song called….”Beat Freak”!!!

-The second performance will be a BRAND NEW routine! The Beat Freaks will be doing what they do best… a Michael Jackson tribute, performed with Lil Mama. Be prepared for the unexpected. We hear this is going to have a more ‘theatrical’ entrance than what we’re used to seeing from them.

-I know the next question is, “How are BF fans going to get to see this special performance?” We’re not sure. But the event will be featured on MTV’s ‘My Super Sweet 16’ and also a behind-the-scenes special, which may include Lil Mama rehearsals with the BFs.

-And finally, the fashion. The Beat Freaks have two outfits custom made by Marina Toybina of GLAZA Designs. They will be sporting custom jackets from American Apparel, H&M accessories, custom gloves and accessories, as well as shoes from Nike.

Hope that satiates your curiosity for now. We can’t wait to see their performance and what they are wearing. We will be posting photos as soon as we get them, so check back soon.

[Note: I found this flyer online.  No guarantee that this is the event the Beat Freaks are performing at.]

Lil Mama 21st Bday Bash


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