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My Ninja Fall 2009

I’ve been busy trying to catch up with all the Beat Freaks events. There is a bunch of information I don’t want to leave out.

  • the Beat Freaks were featured in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Liberating Style online magazine (pg 34-39), which includes an interview with Rino and Maryss
  • Dancer Universe published an article on the Beat Freaks for their September issue, called ‘Freak the Dream.’  This is the same issue with Quest Crew on the cover.  In Quest’s article, Ryan Conferido says, “[The Beat Freaks] were the main source of inspiration for us.  We always felt like we were in direct comparison to them.”
  • According to @Dance_SpiritMag‘s tweets, be on the lookout for the Beat Freaks in an upcoming issue, “It’s not out yet! @theBeatFreaks will be on a cover of DS (and it looks amazing), but won’t be on newsstands for a little while.”

In other news:

  • There are some great new looks from My Ninja!’s Fall 2009 collection.  View their video teaser here or check out Part 1 of the lookbook here.
  • Busog has a Beat Freaks collabo shirt coming out.  From @busogmeansfull’s tweet, ”’@theBeatFreaks Collabo shirt on the “approval” table ! Stay tuned for news and images coming soon ! Worked hard on this, hope y’all like it!”
  • Busog also has a collabo shirt with Shabba-Doo, a founding member of The Lockers and also known as “Ozone” in the movie “Breakin’.”  Get schooled on your hip hop dance history from a true original, in the article “Through the Locking Glass” from Dancer Universe.

Busog Shabba Do


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