Gasoline Glamour For Fox Really Awards

Beat Freaks Gasoline Glamour

Don’t forget to tune in to watch the 2009 Fox Really Awards tonight at 10p/9c on the Fox Reality Channel.  During the red carpet pre-show hosted by Lance Bass, the Beat Freaks picked up the Best Performance Award.

The Beat Freaks worked it on the red carpet with the help of Gasoline Glamour, an eccentric line of ‘disgustingly good’ jewelry, accessories, leather and shoes.  Gasoline Glamour uses only Swarovski crystals to create fascinating yet twisted pieces accentuated with crosses, skulls, bones, bullets, and clown faces.  The collection includes necklaces, rings, shirts, and shoes, as well as aviators, leather vests, handcuffs, eye patches, tiaras, and more.  For anyone who wants to make a statement, check out the Gasoline Glamour online store.  It’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

[Beat Freaks photos by Sthanlee B. Mirador of Pacific Rim Photo Press]


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