Freakstyle: Beat Freaks Freestyle

If there is one thing that the Beat Freaks do better than dancing like Michael Jackson, it’s freestyling. To me, that is what made their ‘Freak the Dream’ performance so special. It’s about feeling the music and letting it take you over.  Take a look back at some more freestyle moments from the Beat Freaks:

Maryss From Paris at Just 4 Ladies September 2009 in Paris:

Keeley (@2:30), LindseyB (@3:08), and Maryss (@3:28) at M&M Cru Cypher:

Rino freestyling:

Teresa Espinosa:

Keeley at Theater Mania in NYC September 2009:

Lady Jules at a Groovaloos workshop:

Lady Jules and Alison:

Bgirl Shorty (see headspin in part 2):

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If you have a YouTube channel with Beat Freaks tribute videos, please let us know in the comments.


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