Cure For The Winter Blues

The leaves are falling, the days are shortening, and winter is quickly creeping up on us.  This winter is going to be different because now we have the Beat Freaks as the best prophylaxis for the winter blues.  We’ve compiled a few videos that are sure to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in.  Bookmark this page and watch periodically to keep the blues at bay.

Welcome To Beat Freaks World (from BeatFreaksTV):

Freak The Paranormal (from BeatFreaksTV):

Goofy & Fun Clips of The Beat Freaks (uploaded by awweson1):

Beat Freaks = Bad Dancers? (from kickinitwithkelsey):

Beat Freaks House Of Blues Rehearsal (from greystaticmedia):

ABDC Bloopers (uploaded by thenightcame):

Maryss and Rino Opera Singing (from PacificRimVideoPress):

Dirty Water Cooler Talk.

And for a little inspiration… Freak The Dream (from BeatFreaksTV):


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