Jules Was Here on Tumblr

Lady Jules

Yay!  Now there is another way to get Beat Freaks information, this time directly from the source.  Follow Lady Jules’ tumblr page for events, inspiration, and other information.  For example:

  • Events: On Monday, November 9th at 8pm PST, Lady Jules will be on LA Talk Radio’s Hi-Frequency Living with Eddie Conner.  You can listen live here and call in with questions.  Don’t miss it!
  • Inspiration: We all need a little bit of life coaching every once in a while (or more often).   @Julesurich has been known to give out daily motivational bites and inspirational quotes on Twitter.  We can’t wait to see what she can do with more than 140 characters.
  • Information: “As you know, The Beat Freaks love us some Nikes.  Not only has the company been forever generous to us, but they will be featuring our Nike Style and dance flavor on their “Celeb Style” Feature.”  Currently featured on Nike Celeb Style is Keri Hilson and Vistoso Bosses.  Judging by the photos from @Penelopevazquez, it’s going to be hot!

Beat Freaks Nike Celeb Style

Follow Lady Jules (@Julesurich) on Twitter to get instant notification of her Tumblr posts.  Also upcoming for Jules is Claws Out IV.  “The fiercest competition on the West Coast” will take place at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, on November 14th.


[top photo from Lady Jules Facebook page]

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