The Beat Freaks December Events

Here is a list of the Beat Freaks and BF-related events for the month of December:

12.03.2009: B-Girl Movie Premiere in Atlanta. Click here to register.  Includes Q&A by B-Girl Director, Emily Dell and B-Girls Vendetta and Severe.

12.05.09: Variety’s Power of Youth Event – 12-4pm Paramount Studios, CA (@PowerofYouth)

12.19.2009: LindseyB teaching Master Classes at Trilogy Dance Center – San Antonio, TX (click on the link to see LindseyB’s resume)

12.28.2009: Anjelah Johnson “That’s How We Do It” Comedy Central Special 11pm

Now through 01.03.2010:  Groovaloo: Freestyle at Union Square Theatre in NYC

Ongoing classes at Debbie Reynolds Studio (@DRdancestudio) and Millenium Dance (@DanceMillennium).

There are more events to be listed.  Check for updates.


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