Thank You Pacific Rim!

Once again Pacific Rim Photo Press and Video has come through for Beat Freaks Fans with another great interview from the Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala and some amazing photos of the girls on the red carpet.
I had a scary thought the other day.  What would Beat Freaks Fans do without Pacific Rim Photo and Video?  Who would be there to document the Beat Freaks journey every step of the way from ABDC to Dizzy Feet and so on?  Where  would we get all these high-quality interviews, photos, Ustreams, and performance videos if it weren’t for Pacific Rim?  That’s why I would like to dedicate this post to thanking Pacific Rim Video and Photo Press and show them our appreciation for all of their hard work and loyal Beat Freaks coverage.  Thank you to Sthanlee B. Mirador, Peter Gonzaga, Angelica Alumia, and the rest of the Pacific Rim family.  Your work is loved and appreciated by the Beat Freaks and their fans.

Here is a personal thank you from the Beat Freaks:

Dear Pac Rim Press,
It hasn’t been even a year yet since we 1st met, and it feels like we’ve been through so much together.  It is always our honor and with such great pleasure to work with you on ABDC and the countless events afterwards.  We love your passion for media and your personable approach.   Let’s continue to get each other’s back and Freak the Dream together in the Entertainment industry as we consider you a dear member of our Beat Freaks’ Family.
– The BF
There are also a few of the Beat Freaks Fans that would like to add their words of appreciation for Pacific Rim Video:
Thank you, Pacific Rim, for your support of the Beat Freaks. Some of my favorite Beat Freak moments are the ones covered by you. I really cannot express my appreciation through just words because i look up to those girls like nobody’s business lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the Beat Freak videos, they are soo hilarious, and Angelica is officially my favorite host, seriously lol.  – Sincerely, Janis B. aka beat freak wannabe
PacRim is the BEST!!!! Thank you for capturing all the FUN moments & GREAT interviews! You guys are AWESOME!!! – @RhodaBoat
PacificRim is always giving us great interviews with amazing people and we thank you so much for your hard work! God bless you guys. – @FallenAngelGM
Thanks PacRim for covering all the Beat Freaks shows!its really awesome that ya’ll are able to do that and keep everyone informed! – @drizzle180
Thank you pacrim from the bottom of my heart for always posting pics and vids of the lovely Beat Freaks! BFFs really appreciate it! – @LLC1281
Thank You PacRim for everything you do. Without you none of us would have a clue whats going on. We appriciate you more than we can express. – @bdawnBeatFreaks
To pacrim: thanks so much for always providing the most fun, personal, and heartwarming coverage of our girls! – @Tamyra88
What it do PacRim-skillets! Thånk u so much 4 all that u do 2 promote the BFF Worldwide Empire.U guys are UnBeåtFreåkinLievåble!!Much SA ❤ – @Cooper_J
Holla PacRim! Thank you for being my #1 source for Beat Freaks interviews (and ones with Quest, ABDC, Manny, etc. too!). Without you, I wouldn’t be able to follow this inspiring group of women as they spread their message for people all over the world to “freak our dreams” in the fun and energetic way that only they can! Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!  – Much love from Montreal, Canada 🙂 xoxo Jane
Dear PacRim, I would like to thank you guys for all the photos and videos of the Beat Freaks. I really appreciate alot. 🙂  As a BFFs, we definitely love to see the new/latest videos and photos of the BF and you guys didnt disappoint us. You guys certainly keep the BFFs posted! That is AWESOME! For that, we could upload in on Ning to share with the other BFFs. And I’m pretty sure they love it too. Not to mention PacRim always delivers exciting videos with hilarious interviews…etc! 🙂 On behalf of BFFs, i really reallyyyy reallyyyy thank PacRim for everything you guys have done. Thank you so much! You guys are the best. ❤ – Love, Nadia
from interviews to shows, events, interviews, and photoshoots that not everyone can attend, we appreciate Pacific Rim for capturing everything on print and video. Thanks again for keeping us all in the loop, and keep it coming! – @serena_w
Pacific Rim if it wasn’t for you my website would not be what it is today! With your amazing media coverage and photography (shout out to Sthanlee you are the best!) I been watching your interviews with The Beat Freaks since the beginning and I learned so much more about the ladies because of you! Angelica no one can interview The Beat Freaks like you!! You capture each one of the ladies personalities and they have so much fun with you!  You been so nice to Beat Freak Nation by including us and sending us links to your videos! It is greatly appreciated! Pacific Rim I love and admire the work you do! Thank You for everything you do!  – Thank You, Beat Freak Nation

Hi I’m Azka from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a BIG fan of the Beat Freaks and I’m really hoping to meet them one day! 🙂 I would like to thank Pacific Rim Video to always posting many many videos of all the dance crews out there in America!!! If there was no PacRim I will not know anything about the Beat Freaks and other dope dance crews!! Especially ABDC crews 🙂 I really love ABDC too and PacRim always be the one that is very up to date about ABDC so I really appreciate it too!! I love Pacific Rim and I mean it!! Keep updating and posting all the videos of all the great dance crews and especially the Beat Freaks 🙂 🙂 Freak the beat!! 😀 😀 – xoxo, Azka

Pacific Rim has been there since Beat Freaks ABDC days and I’ve watched PacRim on youtube ever since they started interviewing the Beat Freaks. I want to thank PacRim for keeping us BFFs posted with BF info, photos and interviews that we would never have seen or known about if it wasn’t for you!  A big Thank You PacRim for always being there for the Beat Freaks.. and thus, for the Beat Freak Fans. Keep up the Awesometastic work! – @WushuCandi

You can view all of Pacific Rim’s photos and videos from Dizzy Feet Gala by clicking on the links.

[all photos from Sthanlee B. Mirador / PRPP]

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