We Love You, Legacy!

B-Boy Legacy ended his run on Season 6 of SYTYCD last night but has won the hearts of millions of viewers.  Legacy, aka Jonathan Lee Perez, is likely the most accomplished B-Boy to have graced the SYTYCD stage, thus far.  Each week he was challenged with dances outside of his style, including Contemporary, Jazz, Broadway, Paso Doble, Viennese Waltz, Hip Hop, and others.  What an amazing journey and growth he had throughout the show.  Legacy’s passion for dance and unmatched performance skills are truly inspiring.  Of course, there is much more in store for Legacy and we can’t wait to see where he continues on from here.

Legacy certainly had the support of many Beat Freaks and BF fans, who were tweeting out the numbers to vote for him every week.  My favorite performances from him was the Dave Scott Caveman routine to Missy Elliot’s “On and On” and the Sonya Tayeh Jazz to Hot Chip’s “So Deep.”  What do you think of Legacy?  Do you agree that Legacy’s dismissal from SYTYCD was premature?  What was your favorite routine?  Let us know in the comments.
Also, to celebrate his successful run on the show, we put together a compilation of Legacy and Beat Freaks related videos.  We hope there will be more in the future…
Official B-Girl Movie Trailer:
Boogiezone Community Class w/ Rino & Legacy:
Anthony Thomas Rhythm Nation Documentary & Outtakes:
Gwen Stefani “Rich Girl” Harajuku Lovers Tour Live:
‘Musicbox 2’ at Dancer’s Alliance 08 (Legacy is one of the soldiers, Maryss & Rino are in there too):
Rino & Aja’s class at Debbie Reynold’s Studio:
The LXD on Ellen (Legacy & Alison are the tourists):
[We realize we’ve already used some of the videos in yesterday’s post, but we wanted to include all for the sake of completeness.  Please let us know if we missed any.]

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