Anjelah Johnson Gives Shout Out To BEAT FREAKS on Bonnie Hunt Show

Anjelah Johnson was on The Bonnie Hunt Show today promoting her world-premiere stand-up special “That’s How We Do It” on Comedy Central airing December 28th.  Anjelah performed the above stand up routine on the show and then sat down with Bonnie Hunt to talk about the upcoming special, including a shout out to the Beat Freaks and DJ Angie Vee:

“It’s women empowerment basically.  Like, I’m a female in the game of stand-up comedy, which is mainly a man’s world, like a man’s game.  I incorporate the Beat Freaks.  They’re an all-girl breakdancing crew.  Breakdancing is for the boys but they’re out there killing it.  And then i have DJ AngieVee she’s a female DJ and DJing is kinda for the boys.”

We will be seeing a lot more of Anjelah Johnson.  She is in ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel’ coming out December 25th and she just tweeted that she will be shooting an episode of ‘Ugly Betty’.  And don’t forget to catch Anjelah Johnson, the Beat Freaks, and DJ Angie Vee in “That’s How We Do It” December 28th on Comedy Central at 11pm.

[If the video isn’t working, you can watch it here.]


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