Princess Beat Freaks – The Results Are In!

Recently, we surveyed Beat Freaks Fans asking which Disney Princess is which Beat Freak.  The Fans voted, the votes have been tallied, and the results are in.  This survey was by no means scientific, but it was fun and the statistics are quite amusing. 



By the largest percentage of 83.3%, B-Girl Shorty was nominated as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  I think the hair says it all.


The next obvious choice was 65% of votes for Rino as Mulan.  Snow White was a distant second at 14%.  At first, I thought of Rino as Snow White, but after looking at the similar pose in the photo, I agree with Mulan.  Plus, Rino is a warrior!


Early in the poll, fans were voting Maryss as Aurora of Sleeping Beauty.  That quickly changed after Maryss tweeted why she should be Cinderella, “hell na!! I’m cinderella, I’m an underdog who worked my way up, and i can switch up styles hehe without a fairy.  AND in the movie…. Cinderella has green eyes…. Like MEEEEEEEE hehe.”

The final results have Maryss at 47% for Cinderella and 27% for Sleeping Beauty.  You be the judge.

This is how Maryss would have voted, “The mermaid is shorty, rino is snow white, belle is teresa, keeley is the sleepin beauty, lindsey is jasmine, jules is fiona!… Alison is Alice in wonderland!!!!!! I’m cinderella and Jules is Tinkerbell.”


Jasmine from Aladdin had 35% of the fans’ votes for LindseyB.  Snow White and Pocahontas followed with 17% and 15%, respectively.  I can certainly see the similarities.


Belle of Beauty and The Beast was the winner for Alison with 25% of the votes.  Snow White and Aurora tied for second at 12%.

Here’s where it starts to get a little more difficult.  There was no clear cut winner for Jules, Teresa, or Keeley.  It is still up for debate which Disney Princess they are, but hopefully these photos will make it a little more obvious.


Jasmine of Aladdin was definitely in the lead for Teresa with 30% of the votes.  In fact, one person felt very strongly that she should be Jasmine and voted approximately 15 times for Teresa as Jasmine (sorry, I only counted one of the votes).  One person mentioned that Teresa is like a red-haired Pocahontas.  What do you think?


The vote for Lady Jules was close.  25% of the fans voted Cinderella and 17% voted for Sleeping Beauty.  Can Maryss and Jules be Cinderella?  Although Tinkerbell isn’t a Disney Princess, a few people thought of Jules for Peter Pan’s accomplice (see photo below).


I think fans saw a little bit of Keeley in every princess, as there was no overwhelming consensus.  Although Pocahontas received the most votes with 20%, Snow White was close behind with 18%, Belle was in third with 16%, and Aurora at 12%.


Rino has some interesting suggestions with Maryss as Alice in Wonderland…

Rino also said she wanted to be Tinkerbell.  From the photo below, Rino may be more suited as Peter Pan with Jules as Tinkerbell.


Here are some of the comments from fans about the Disney Princesses survey:

“this is a fun poll, but it was hard for me to choose the right princess for each dancer 😛 i tried voting by how personalities fit, but i could be way off :P”

“pff! They truly know how to move! Go girls!”

“teresa would be pocahontas but with red hair”

“i definitely see the beat freaks as princesses….especially these!!!”

“the beat freaks are all more beautiful than the disney princesses though…”

“I absolutely LOVE the Beatsfreaks! They are one of my dancing inspirations! They deserved to win America’s Best Dance Crew. They are truly and will forever be Disney Princesses . Love you Beatfreaks!”


“can i vote chonique as princess tiana?” -@Tamyra88

“im just kidding about the answers dont kill me lol!!! sorry!! I LOVE BEAT FREAKS!!”  This comment came from a fan who voted with write-in answers: BGirl Shorty “a skittle” and Maryss a “smart blonde.”   Very funny!

I had a lot of fun putting this together.  Thanks for everyone who filled out the survey.  Look for more in the future, like Beat Freaks as the Seven Dwarves (Rino’s suggestion) and Beat Freaks as Superheroes (@freakurdream’s idea).


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