Lady Jules Teaches Wicket Freeze For BGirl Movie Contest

In week 2 of the B-Girl Movie contest, Lady Jules demonstrates how to do the Wicket Freeze.  Watch, learn, practice, and videotape yourself doing the Wicket Freeze and post it on B-Girl Movie’s Facebook page (visit for sweepstakes details).

Lady Jules is Freaking the Fashion in Scifen Jeans and a Skilla Fashion ‘Music’ tee .  Skilla was created by designer Darold Pinnock and according to their website:

“SKILLA Fashion is brand that believes in using your skills, gifts and/or talents in a positive way. SKILLA concentrates more on the constructive and encouraging characteristics of life. Our aim is to pay great attention to our clothing details, engage and create lifelong relationships with all.”

Visit the Skilla online store to see their collection of hoodies, tees, belts, and cardigans.

Look for BGirl Movie screenings coming soon in Austin (1/15), Los Angeles (1/19), and San Francisco (1/22).  You can preorder the DVD here, to be released January 26th.

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