BEAT FREAKS at BGirl Movie DVD Release Party

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Beat Freaks attended the BGirl Movie DVD Release Party last night in Hollywood.  We will post the interviews from Pacific Rim Video and other media in attendance as soon as they come in.   In the meantime, here are some random clips we put together of the Beat Freaks on the red carpet and some much appreciated shout outs to Freak the Fashion.  View all the amazing photos from the party at

Don’t forget to purchase the BGirl Movie DVD online.  Also available is a must-buy for any Beat Freaks Fan or fan of dance, ‘BGirl The Sessions’ DVD.  It is loaded with tons of extras including:

> “Brand new documentary on the dance in B-GIRL featuring our choreographers, filmmakers and stars talking about breaking, salsa, free-running, and more.” (Remember Teresa is a choreographer on the film)

> Behind-the-scenes cypher sessions with Lady Jules, Flipz, Legacy, Remedy, Flearock, Steelo, and more.

> The cast at the UK BBoy Champs 2009

> BGirl Instructionals from Lady Jules

> BGirl Webisode and Trailer

Any Beat Freaks news, photos, comments, or suggestions? Contact Freak the Fashion.

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