VIDEO: Beat Freaks at Choreographer’s Carnival

The Beat Freaks performed at Choreographers Carnival last night with a mixed set of Love Comes Down choreography, the Hot N Cold section, and a new breakdancing set.  It’s not easy an easy task to impress a room full of dancers and choreographers but the Beat Freaks did just that.

Here are some tweets
from the night:

@jonmchu: Just
watched @thebeatfreaks kick some serious but on stage at Carnival!!
Dayum. That was dope. I love those girlz

@colione: I love being friends
with the baddest bitches in the
game. @espinosa22@Maryssfromparis @BgirlShorty @im_lindseyB @RinOkinawa

@pacificrimvideo: The
crowd is entranced with the beat freaks woot woot.  Shorty spun forever
on her head at carnival. Oh oh oh!

@ChrisTrondsen: @theBeatFreaks killlllllllleeeeeed
it tonight!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!

@LeoMoctezuma: Drunk. But in
dance heaven. @ Choreographers
carnival watching talent. My choreo partner Alison F w/
the Beat Freaks killing it. Love u Ali!

@only1mrlucky: So far andre
fuentes, tricia miranda, and the beat freaks have my curls titlating

@BboySpeedBall: @theBeatFreaks yall
are blow ups tonight! killed it!

@Fizzology: Beat Freakz performing!!!!

@jayr8830: @theBeatFreaks @espinosa22 @BgirlShorty @im_lindseyB@Maryssfromparis yall
r beasts !!! Amazing set !!!

@younghen79: @thebeatfreaks yall
killed it at carnival.  Beatfreaks, beatfreaks, beatfreaks, tear up

@BFDevotees: @TheBeatFreaks KILLED
IT at Carnival tonight! My favorite performance of the night! Not
surprising I know haha! Love those girls so much ❤

@keltiecolleen Beat freaks!!
Holy hell amazing!

@AlexanderAlas: beat freaks murdered
the stage!

@charis_g The Beatfreaks performance at Carnival last night has me spoiled. They should’ve won their season. #RealTalk

4 Responses to “VIDEO: Beat Freaks at Choreographer’s Carnival”
  1. Gclub says:

    fantastic performance ! the freaks make my heart jumping and i love those gals

  2. SAKKKKA says:


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