Rino On The Cover Of Image House Magazine February 2010 Issue

Image House Magazine‘s February 2010 issue is now out, featuring Rino on the cover! According to their website:

“Image House Magazine is a bi-monthly publication designed to cater to the fashion industry. Each issue is jam packed with the latest in fashion trends, news, blogs, and the hottest in entertainment fashion.”

We asked Gina Hodges, Co-creator and Head of Public Representation at Image House Magazine, a few questions about Rino.

Freak the Fashion (FTF): How did you choose Rino for the cover of your February 2010 issue?
Image House Magazine (IHM): We chose Rino due to her growing diva status in the dance industry.

FTF: How would you describe Rino’s style?
IHM: Rino has an urban, fun yet girlie sense of fashion and an eclectic dance groove.

FTF: What can fans expect from the February 2010 issue?
IHM: You will get a chance to know Rino’s opinions and thoughts on a dancer’s fashion appeal. The issue is filled with fashion news and trends.

Currently subscriptions aren’t available but you can purchase the February 2010 issue by contacting Image House Magazine on Twitter @ImageHouseMag or email them at rhodges22000@yahoo.com.

[Photo taken from chrisimagehouse.tumblr.com]

One Response to “Rino On The Cover Of Image House Magazine February 2010 Issue”
  1. MarielDvs says:

    I love the cover, its simplicity makes it really powerful… I also enjoyed the interview. It is my first, and not the last, time visiting the blog… Good job!


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