Shabba-Doo Instructional DVD Featuring Rino & Lockadelic

Shabba-Doo, of the Original Lockers, has an instructional DVD set to be released Fall 2010 featuring Rino and Lockadelic.  According to the Shway Style 3D DVD description,

Don’t want to learn or master the technique but would love to explore the intimate passion? Then SHWAY STYLE 3D is for you! That’s right, learn sizzling RED-HAWT Waackin’, Punkin’ & Posin’ choreography created by the master himself, Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quiñones.

The editing for the DVD is done by a familiar name, Darwin Dion Ignacio of Busog.  You can purchase the Shabba-Doo shirt seen below at the Busog Online Store.


5 Responses to “Shabba-Doo Instructional DVD Featuring Rino & Lockadelic”
  1. glitter toes says:

    Thanks girls for the DVD update!

    Keep blogging!

  2. Gclub says:

    wanne see and how can i get your update ? do you have website?

  3. Very inspiring. Can you share the video?

  4. anomyne says:

    Lockadelic <3<3<3

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