Customized Michael Jackson Hat For Maryss From Paris

If you could purchase the perfect gift for Maryss from Paris, it would be something along the lines of a Michael Jackson baseball cap. That is exactly what Beat Freaks Fan Yvonne Mendoza (@no1gotswaglikbf) did. Yvonne bought Maryss a custom-made hat created by illustrator, Chris Giorgio ( According to his website: Living his days as … Continue reading

Shoeture Kings: Beat Freaks Ghettoblaster

BGirl Shorty, Lady Jules, Maryss from Paris, and Rino held workshops at Team Millenia Dance Center yesterday in Fullerton, CA.  On display were the brand new Freak The Beat Custom Shoeture Kings.  These Ghettoblaster Shoe Buckles are in very limited quantities, so don’t wait too long to purchase them.