Beat Freaks Rescue Big Cats

The Beat Freaks have done a lot of traveling recently where they are often greeted by fans and plenty of gifts from fans.  While at Monsters of Hip Hop in Orlando, The Beat Freaks received a very special gift.  Two die-hard Beat Freaks fans, Kris Gustafson and Lindsey Segalla (both members of Beat Freaks Fans … Continue reading

Freak The Dream with Pride

For The Beat Freaks, ABDC was more than just a dance show.  It was a medium to spread a message of positivity to viewers that they took full advantage of.  They encourage everyone to “Freak The Dream” or actively follow your passion…whatever that may be.  As far as I can remember, the Beat Freaks were … Continue reading

Beat Freaks Freak the Cause

A few days back, in the blog post on Cerbae Denim, we labeled The Beat Freaks as “socially conscious tastemakers.”  Well, here’s the proof… The Beat Freaks wearing PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) shirts.  Check out PETA’s blog where they express their shock that The Beat Freaks didn’t win ABDC. As mentioned … Continue reading