Bgirl Shorty on FR*A LIVE

If you’re on Twitter, then you’ve probably already heard about this.  In case you missed it, Bgirl Shorty will be streaming live on FR*A LIVE tonight 8pm PST.  Check out My Ninja! Clothing blog to find out more of what to expect.

Dear Nike,

Dear Nike, Nike has supported Beat Freaks and the Beat Freaks have supported Nike.  Isn’t it time for an official Beat Freaks-Nike collaboration?  How about some Limited Edition, Special Collection Beat Freaks Nike Vandals?  They could be designed by Hellz Bellz or The Beat Freaks themselves or even a contest for Beat Freaks Fans (there … Continue reading

Maryss and Rino on Cerbae Blog

Cerbae blog  highlights Rino and Maryss wearing Mens Power Moves Jeans, Color Me Badd T-shirt, Street Lightning Crew Neck and Abstract Hoodie.