Beat Freaks Six Degrees of Separation

I made a very interesting connection last night and thought it would be great to share on Freak The Fashion.  You may think Twilight, the bestselling, teenage-vampire-lovestory, has nothing to do with The Beat Freaks, but think again.  It’s all a circle and somehow we are all interconnected.  How many degrees of separation are there … Continue reading

Beat Freaks at Renegade Rockers Event

The Beat Freaks made their way to San Francisco June 21st and 22nd, performing at Renegade Rockers 26th anniversary event.  Here’s how they Freak The Fashion in Northern California: Bastard and Friends Flat Fitty Logo Hat: Nike Lightweight Aqua Women’s Jacket: Punkrose Retro Graffiti High Top: Have a look at the Bastard &  Friends Blog … Continue reading