Groovaloos, Including LindseyB, on SYTYCD Finale

The Groovaloos had another amazing performance on the SYTYCD season 6 finale last night.  LindseyB was there representing for the Beat Freaks, as well as Shooz, Do-Knock, Spee-d, Venum, Wicket, and JRock.  Congrats to Russell for winning SYTYCD!  First Krumper to hold the title. Be sure to watch the live stage show “Groovaloo: Freestyle” in … Continue reading

Dizzy Feet Foundation Performance November 29th

As you may know by now, the Beat Freaks and Groovaloos will be performing at Dizzy Feet Foundation’s first fundraising gala, “Celebration of Dance” on November 29th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  Dizzy Feet Foundation was founded in 2009 by Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Katie Holmes to “help underprivileged young … Continue reading

Groovaloo: Freestyle

If you haven’t seen ‘Groovaloo: Freestyle’ yet, here are two more reasons why you need to go watch it: 1. LindseyB, Shooz, JRock, Vzion, and Boogieman in “Robot” 2. Cloud, Luigi, Steelo, Beastmode & Flipz in “The Battle” “Groovaloo: Freestyle” will be at Union Square Theatre in NYC from December 1st through January 3rd and … Continue reading

Groovaloos To Perform For Dizzy Feet Foundation

Dizzy Feet Foundation is holding a fundraising gala, “Celebration of Dance” on November 29th.  The Groovaloos are scheduled to perform!  According to Dizzy Feet Foundation’s co-President Adam Shankman’s tweet: Mega tweet! Amazing event alert! Nov 29th at the Kodak in LA: a celebration of inspiration and dance benefitting the dizzyfeet foundation! Sytycd Season 5 and … Continue reading

Freakstyle: Beat Freaks Freestyle

If there is one thing that the Beat Freaks do better than dancing like Michael Jackson, it’s freestyling. To me, that is what made their ‘Freak the Dream’ performance so special. It’s about feeling the music and letting it take you over.  Take a look back at some more freestyle moments from the Beat Freaks: … Continue reading

Get Into The Groovaloo

For anyone on the East Coast (or within driving distance to NYC), I highly recommend that you go see Groovaloo.  You will be amazed and inspired and leave the show knowing that you have seen the best collection of hip hop dancers of our time, the award-winning Groovaloos.  You may have seen them on television … Continue reading

T-Mobile Sidekick Dance Off Commercial

Ever since I acquired a DVR, it has become habit to forward through all commercials.  At least, until now.  The T-Mobile Sidekick Dance Off spot is the first time I actually stop and rewind to watch a commercial.  It was choreographed by Troy Kirby and directed by Paul Hunter.  The commercial features Maryss and Teresa … Continue reading

Get Your Groovaloos On

The Groovaloos are coming to a stage near you with their highly-acclaimed stage show, Groovaloo.  They wiill be at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood August 21-30, 2009 and at Joyce Theatre in NYC September 15-27, 2009, followed by a U.S. tour in 2010. The Groovaloos, founded in 1999, currently consists of 25 members, six … Continue reading

Learn To Freak The Beat

Not all Beat Freaks Fans live in Los Angeles, near Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, where several members of The Beat Freaks give dance classes.  And many of those who live nearby, myself included, don’t want to make fools of themselves trying to keep up with the choreography.  Instead, I prefer to be the honorary ninth … Continue reading