Michael Jackson Official Merchandise

Michael Jackson official merchandise is available for purchase now at the Michael Jackson Official Store. There are plenty of shirts, hats, socks, mugs, belt buckles, bags and more to choose from.  But who knows how long they will last, because according to the website: These unique Michael Jackson shirts were to be sold at the … Continue reading

Beat Freaks go Generic

It is definitely a full time job keeping up with all of the latest fashion trends.  Sometimes you just want to go generic.  Well, that’s what The Beat Freaks did with Generic Clothing, a line created by cousins Troy Duff and Erica Duff. According to their website, Troy studied art and design in Tennessee before … Continue reading

Beat Freaks Are Most Official

On a hot summer day in 2004, Leah McSweeney sat on a Spring Street stoop in New York City.  That is where she first conceived of Married To The MOB,  a progressive and rebellious women’s streetwear  label.  M.O.B. stands for “Most Official Bitches,” a tribute to Leah’s NYC crew of girls that never failed to … Continue reading