Freak The Dream with Pride

For The Beat Freaks, ABDC was more than just a dance show.  It was a medium to spread a message of positivity to viewers that they took full advantage of.  They encourage everyone to “Freak The Dream” or actively follow your passion…whatever that may be.  As far as I can remember, the Beat Freaks were … Continue reading

Nike Holiday 2009 Windrunner

It’s never too early to start making your Holiday wish list.  A great item to start with is the Metallic Windrunner that the Beat Freaks are wearing in the photos, which is part of the upcoming Nike Holiday 2009 collection, available later this year. If you want something now for the summer, grab a Nike Dri-Fit Tank. … Continue reading

The Beat Freaks Reflect on Michael Jackson

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is a HUGE influence on the Beat Freaks.  Every Beat Freaks routine has some ode to MJ, whether it be the moonwalk, pelvic thrusts, a shiny glove, smooth criminal lean, a Billie Jean pose, a simple fedora, a Michael Jackson tee, etc., etc.  For me, the news of … Continue reading

Tattooed Steel

The Beat Freaks have some die-hard fans out there.  A few are so dedicated that they have decided to Freak the Ink with Beat Freaks-inspired tattoos (see photos at bottom).  For those of us who aren’t quite as brave, there is Tattooed Steel.  Founded by Los Angeles-based artist/engineer, Jared Van Orman, Tattooed Steel are the … Continue reading

FÖKAI The Dream

There is a common theme among the clothing brands that The Beat Freaks wear and that is they all have a deeper meaning.  Whether it is spreading positivity, chasing your dreams, embracing your individuality, or expressing one’s passion, there is always a message behind the fashion.  Fökai Industries is no different. While The Beat Freaks … Continue reading

Kovas & Beat Freaks Are The Future

Kovas is the future and he is everywhere!  Born Kovasciar Myvette, he is a talented songwriter, producer, and recording artist from Brooklyn who can play five musical instruments.  Kovas (@Kovas on Twitter) has produced and remixed with the biggest names in the business, including Justin Timberlake, Lil Mama, Chris Brown, M.I.A., Usher, Shakira, and many … Continue reading

Beat Freaks: Jersey Numbers

From the first time I saw The Beat Freaks wear their basketball jerseys in Lakers colors on ABDC, I wanted one of those.  Who knew they’d be using them to perform at a Lakers conference finals halftime show.  This past weekend at Team Millenia Dance Center, I had a chance to ask them the meaning … Continue reading

Beat Freaks Do High Fashion

The Beat Freaks attended the Into The Blue 2 Premiere last night. Here are some twitpics from @julesurich and @espinosa22. Designer Carmelita Martell, from Miami and based out of Philadelphia, officially launched her line in Spring 2008.  Take a look at Carmelita Couture’s Fall 2009 collection here (photographer Shane Canyon Walsh).  Carmelita Couture: signifies a … Continue reading

Beat Freaks Rockin’ Iron Fist Tees

Iron Fist Clothing was started in 2001 by Mike van Senus and Travis Anderson.  Inspired by skateboarding, surfing, art, music, street culture, and social issues, the two friends created Iron Fist from the trunk of their car.  Now, they have major distribution worldwide and a flagship store in South Africa, where they both grew up.  … Continue reading

Learn To Freak The Beat

Not all Beat Freaks Fans live in Los Angeles, near Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, where several members of The Beat Freaks give dance classes.  And many of those who live nearby, myself included, don’t want to make fools of themselves trying to keep up with the choreography.  Instead, I prefer to be the honorary ninth … Continue reading