The Beat Freaks Reflect on Michael Jackson

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is a HUGE influence on the Beat Freaks.  Every Beat Freaks routine has some ode to MJ, whether it be the moonwalk, pelvic thrusts, a shiny glove, smooth criminal lean, a Billie Jean pose, a simple fedora, a Michael Jackson tee, etc., etc.  For me, the news of … Continue reading

This Is It! for Maryss From Paris

Congratulations to Maryss from Paris who made it official on June 22, 2009 at 7:29pm PST that she will be a part of Michael Jackson’s This Is It Concert.  Here is the tweet from @MaryssfromParis: Let me make it official… Will be part of the London local background for MJ concert… Booked my ticket, paid … Continue reading