Random Updates

I’ve been busy trying to catch up with all the Beat Freaks events. There is a bunch of information I don’t want to leave out. the Beat Freaks were featured in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Liberating Style online magazine (pg 34-39), which includes an interview with Rino and Maryss Dancer Universe published an article … Continue reading

Fashion Updates: Fall 2009

Beat Freaks: BF Online Store is now up offering Freak The Beat Shirts and Beat Freaks Shoeture. Go to theBeatFreaks.com and click on ‘Shop’ Hellz Bellz: We already mentioned the Midnight Riders Fall 2009 Delivery 2 Collection in a previous post. Giveaway: Are you a Warrior or a Rider? Enter to win Hellz gear here. … Continue reading

Fashion Updates

New Freak The Beat Shirts in Silver: Shoeture x My Ninja!: Hellz Bellz Spring 2010 Sneak Peek: Miss Wax Peace Earrings on sale: Ringmasters and Boogie Bots Tees at Threader:

Fashion Updates

Hellz Bellz Fall I 2009 ‘Style Warriors’: MOB Fall I 2009: My Ninja! x FR*A Endless Summer Mixtape Party new location: Busog’s shirt for ABDC Season 4’s Rhythm City:

The Brains Behind Hellz Bellz

Last week I attended a panel discussion hosted by LAartlab, featuring Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (Hellz Bellz), Rick Klotz (Fresh Jive), and Ben and Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds).  Also part of the full capacity crowd were Rino, LeeJ, and Peter Rocks of My Ninja. As Lanie (pronounced LAWN-ee) states in WhatTheHellz blog: I was able to give … Continue reading

Bgirl Shorty on FR*A LIVE

If you’re on Twitter, then you’ve probably already heard about this.  In case you missed it, Bgirl Shorty will be streaming live on FR*A LIVE tonight 8pm PST.  Check out My Ninja! Clothing blog to find out more of what to expect.

My Ninja! Updates!

My Ninja! just released photos of Bgirl Shorty promoting their line.  Visit My Ninja’s Blog to see more amazing photos of Bgirl Shorty as My Ninjette! (Photography by Kenny Ahn, Shinobi-Studios/ Design by Dpd of FR*A) Also, don’t miss out on the My Ninja! x FR*A “Endless Summer” Mixtape Launch Party on August 20, 2009 … Continue reading

Freak The Dream with Pride

For The Beat Freaks, ABDC was more than just a dance show.  It was a medium to spread a message of positivity to viewers that they took full advantage of.  They encourage everyone to “Freak The Dream” or actively follow your passion…whatever that may be.  As far as I can remember, the Beat Freaks were … Continue reading

Music Monday: Rootbeer is My Ninja!

We already know Bgirl Shorty is My Ninja! But who else?  If you’ve seen the My Ninja! lookbooks, then you may recognize musicians Pigeon John and Flynn Adam as My Ninja!  The pair are also Rootbeer, a side project with their debut EP “Pink Limousine” available on iTunes.  According to their bio: The simple shortcut … Continue reading

My Ninja! Summer 2009

My Ninja! Summer 2009 is finally here!