Princess Beat Freaks – The Results Are In!

Recently, we surveyed Beat Freaks Fans asking which Disney Princess is which Beat Freak.  The Fans voted, the votes have been tallied, and the results are in.  This survey was by no means scientific, but it was fun and the statistics are quite amusing.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW GRAPHS OF THE RESULTS. B-GIRL SHORTY: By … Continue reading

Rino Style from Head to Toe

Kid Robot Fitted Hat: 88 Tees Hawaii Shirt and Kid Robot Hat (birthday gift to Rino from BUSOG): Colonize Doraemon Hoodie and Harajuku Lovers Bag: G-Star Raw Jeans: Custom NIKEiD:

Tattooed Steel

The Beat Freaks have some die-hard fans out there.  A few are so dedicated that they have decided to Freak the Ink with Beat Freaks-inspired tattoos (see photos at bottom).  For those of us who aren’t quite as brave, there is Tattooed Steel.  Founded by Los Angeles-based artist/engineer, Jared Van Orman, Tattooed Steel are the … Continue reading

Amigo Animals Pajamas

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon this, but here are the Kigurumi pajamas seen in the Amigo Animals video.  From Wikipedia: Kigurumi (着ぐるみ) is the Japanese name for costumed animal characters. The name comes from the Japanese verb kiru (着る, to wear) and noun nuigurumi (ぬいぐるみ, stuffed toy). I guess they are easier … Continue reading

Harajuku Lovers

Rino celebrated her birthday this past week, and what better place than Disneyland.  Did you catch her Harajuku Lovers handbag? Harajuku Lovers is Gwen Stefani’s brand of clothing, handbags, shoes, and more, launched in 2005.  Of course we already know Rino is the Music of Love.Angel.Music.Baby.  Gwen explains her inspiration for the line: The First … Continue reading

Luxirie by LRG Hoodies

Luxirie by LRG is a lifestyle womenswear line released in the Fall of 2006 by Lifted Research Group (LRG), a hip hop, skate, and streetwear brand for men.  The name, Luxirie, comes from Lux meaning elegance and extravagance and Irie meaning good and positive feelings and emotions.  According to LRG’s website, they are: A company … Continue reading

Kovas & Beat Freaks Are The Future

Kovas is the future and he is everywhere!  Born Kovasciar Myvette, he is a talented songwriter, producer, and recording artist from Brooklyn who can play five musical instruments.  Kovas (@Kovas on Twitter) has produced and remixed with the biggest names in the business, including Justin Timberlake, Lil Mama, Chris Brown, M.I.A., Usher, Shakira, and many … Continue reading

Beat Freaks: Jersey Numbers

From the first time I saw The Beat Freaks wear their basketball jerseys in Lakers colors on ABDC, I wanted one of those.  Who knew they’d be using them to perform at a Lakers conference finals halftime show.  This past weekend at Team Millenia Dance Center, I had a chance to ask them the meaning … Continue reading

‘I Boombox BF’ Shirt Design

As I have said many times in previous posts, The Beat Freaks are true inspirations to their many fans.  In fact, the “I Boombox BF” Shirt (seen on Rino and Maryss in the above video) was originally designed by Beat Freaks Fan Bea (pronounced Bay-ah) Martin, aka Twinkie. Originally from the Phillippines and now living … Continue reading

Beat Freaks and Miss Wax Jewelry

We’ve talked about shoes, shirts, and jeans, but what about the earrings?  That’s where Miss Wax Jewelery comes in.  Kylee Fauss, born and raised in San Diego, is the founder and head designer of Miss Wax Jewelery.  In Fall 2006, she began creating jewelery by hand painting on broken vinyl and selling the artistic pieces … Continue reading