Groovaloo: Freestyle

If you haven’t seen ‘Groovaloo: Freestyle’ yet, here are two more reasons why you need to go watch it: 1. LindseyB, Shooz, JRock, Vzion, and Boogieman in “Robot” 2. Cloud, Luigi, Steelo, Beastmode & Flipz in “The Battle” “Groovaloo: Freestyle” will be at Union Square Theatre in NYC from December 1st through January 3rd and … Continue reading

B-Girl Movie In Theaters Soon!

The highly-anticipated B-Girl Movie, featuring Lady Jules in the lead and Teresa Espinosa’s choreography, is about to come out.  I was at the Nike screening of B-Girl Movie and, if you’re a fan of dance, you’re definitely going to want to watch this movie. And B-GIRL is getting ready to come out!  The movie will be hitting … Continue reading