LindseyB on SYTYCD

I was ecstatic to see LindseyB perform with The Veronicas on the So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) results show last week.  I was having major Beat Freaks television withdrawal before that.  Of course, Lindsey was amazing.  I don’t know how long these videos will stay up, but here is The Veronicas with LindseyB (uploaded … Continue reading

Tattooed Steel

The Beat Freaks have some die-hard fans out there.  A few are so dedicated that they have decided to Freak the Ink with Beat Freaks-inspired tattoos (see photos at bottom).  For those of us who aren’t quite as brave, there is Tattooed Steel.  Founded by Los Angeles-based artist/engineer, Jared Van Orman, Tattooed Steel are the … Continue reading